Adele Naidoo - Sophia (Professionally Framed)

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Adele Naidoo

“All visual experiences is produced by colour and brightness. The boundaries that determine shape derived from the capacity of the eye to distinguish between areas of different brightness and colour.” – Rudolf Arnheim

Growing up in South Africa with a father as an artist, creativity and nature surrounded me. I learnt to appreciate the beauty and colour that made up my childhood. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Education in Auckland, New Zealand. Moving to Perth, my passion for art, design and interior styling, lead me to complete a Diploma in Interior design while working as an art teacher. With the arrival of my first child, time at home allowed me to explore graphic design. Digital art is where I found myself, it is a media I grew to love and has allowed me to create my newest collections.

I am fascinated by the juxtaposition of strong, vibrant colours. My body of work explores the beauty in nature and allows me to express my ideas of colour. I love working with saturated colours and contrasting subdued, pastel hues. My influences include fauvism, and the flatten effect of colour created by screen printed images.

Benedict (Professionally Framed)

Fine art print on 300gsm cotton rag archival paper.

Printed in a limited edition of 100 they come with a Certificate of Authenticity hand signed by the artist.

Limited Edition Prints on Paper; 


600mm x 900mm + frame



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